Shelly Swimming school has helped me with my fear of swimming and also turned my kids in to strong swimmers. My instructor (Shelly) has taught me confidence and safety in the water and I could not be more grateful. She was so calm and patient with me. Swimming is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time and gives me more happiness that I can say. I think that Shelly is a perfect choice as a swim instructor for any age. Thank you for all your help and support over the past few years.


Well miracles do happen because now after more than 4 years of constant training Arthur is the highest achiever in his swimming classes at school. He is a human fish that can dive 8 feet to collect objects on the pool floor. The swimming has helped immensely especially after his operations. As for me, who could not even stand in knee high water, because I thought I would drown, I can now proudly say I can swim more than 10 meters.


Perfect program for student in all levels and enthusiastic swimming instructors. It is fantastic to have all those students been cultivated with sense of competitiveness and self-recognition from swimming training


Great swimming school! My son has only been swimming here for 2 terms and he already passed his safety assessment, which means he's progressed to the freestyle level. Thank you to David for being so patient and professional and an all round awesome teacher!!


A very good and professional swimming school with nice swimming instructor. Have had a quality swimming lesson here, would highly recommend to people who like to have an enjoyable swimming experience.


My 2 children have been going to Shelly swimming school for over an year and I can see how confident they are in water now. My daughter was selected in her class relay team and my son can do all four strokes. The teachers are firm and passionate. I will highly recommend this swim school to anybody who wants their children to be confident in water and improve their stokes


Both of my kids have spent around three years in Shelly's swimming school at Wahroonga. In the very beginning, they were hesitating to go to the pool. Now both of them are more confident in the water than kids at their ages. We are so glad to send our kids to this school. Highly recommended
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