Our Philosophy

“Teaching people swimming as part of quality education and life”.
We are passionate about ensuring all students not only learn to swim, but develop a strong foundation of each aspect of swimming. By having a strong foundation students from Shelly Swimming School are able to maintain correct swimming technique throughout their whole life. Our unique program utilizes a circular learning system, which is designed to aid students to encode the skills they need to swim along nerve pathways in the brain. This system also helps students to recall and recognize these stored skills by using cues to directly retrieve information.  All students have the opportunity to be successful swimmers. Our motto “ The beginning of future Champions” illustrates our dedication to providing each and every child the chance to achieve their full potential and one day become Champions.

Our Learning Chart

Why we use floatation aids?

There are two reasons for why Shelly Swimming School uses Floatation aids in our Learn to Swim program. Firstly, by providing floatation aids a student’s body movements are not limited, as the instructors are able to maintain some distance allowing students a chance to establish independence and build self-confidence without developing fear. Whilst a student’s water confidence matures, less floatation aid assistance is required. Instructors monitor student’s development and progress each lesson and make adjustment to floatation aids when necessary.
Secondly, our pool is a full depth pool maintaining your children’s safety is one of our greatest concerns. We know some children are little explorers and can venture away from the safety of the shallow step area, the use of floatation aids here provides parents some piece of mind that their child is safe throughout the entire time of the lesson.