About us

History of Shelly Swimming School

Director and Founder Shelly Bi, established Shelly Swimming School in March 2007. Nestled in the western suburbs of Sydney. During this time, we have extended into different branches and locations within Sydney, giving further opportunities for the public to have access to the unique programme.
“Teaching people swimming as part of quality education and life”. We are passionate about ensuring all students not only learn to swim, but develop a strong foundation of each aspect of swimming. By having a strong foundation, students from Shelly Swimming School can maintain correct swimming technique throughout their whole life. Our unique program utilizes a circular learning system, which is designed to aid students to encode the skills they need to swim along nerve pathways in the brain. This system also helps students to recall and recognize these stored skills by using cues to directly retrieve information. All students have the opportunity to be successful swimmers. Our motto “The beginning of future Champions” illustrates our dedication to providing every child the chance to achieve their full potential and one day become Champions.

About our Founder / Director

Foundations of water safety and swimming were embedded into Shelly Bi as a young child. From the early age of 7 years old, she undertook swimming training. Devoting countless hours and time in the pool. Later in life her swimming expertise guided her to obtain a Bachelor of Physical Development, Health and Physical Education.
Throughout her university years she continued her swimming by coaching at a City level. Shelly was awarded the National Achievement of Excellence for her esteemed efforts as a swim coach. Her efforts did not go unrecognised as she was granted with the opportunity to continue her education, at one of Beijing’s elite sport coaching schools. It was here where she achieved the 1st degree coach qualification.
After relocating to Sydney, Australia, she undertook her Masters in MBA Professional Accounting whilst working part time coaching in the Willoughby District. During this time, she was constantly engaged in developing the unique Shelly Swimming Programme, which consists of the core concept of detailed foundation teaching with the assistance of circular learning.
With more than 3 decades in the swimming industry, she constantly shows passion towards children and producing exquisite technique.
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