Frequently asked Questions

Shelly swimming school offers a foundational-based program that enforces technique and safety. The program encompasses the use of a unique circular learning system that helps students store to memory their learnt skills for lifelong enjoyment.

We have programs in water introduction, water safety skills, stroke development, competition, Championship, and adult swimming.

As every child learns differently it can be hard to estimate the exact success timeframe of each child. The more a child is exposed to swimming the more knowledge they will absorb, in turn having an impact on their speed intake of their own skills as they learn to understand the correct body movements needed to swim. If your child is a complete beginner we recommend two times a week. If your child would like to take the more competitive side then we recommend three to four times a week.

Adult lessons are offered at Shelly Swimming School. Classes are a maximum of 6 students to a ratio of one instructor. Within an adult lesson you will learn water safety, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Freestyle and Butterfly. An estimate of how long adults take to learn to swim is 3-4 terms.

At Shelly swimming school, we have a no refund policy due to change of mind. Please ensure when booking that a suitable time and day is selected.

There is not an exact number of lessons your child needs for success. The more exposed your child is to swimming the faster they will progress. It is true a champion swimmer can be developed by one lesson a week, however offering more lessons a week can encourage your child to learn to swim sooner and boost their confidence.

There are two reasons for why Shelly Swimming School uses Floatation aids in our Learn to Swim program. Firstly, by providing floatation aids a student’s body movements are not limited, as the instructors are able to maintain some distance allowing students a chance to establish independence and build self-confidence without developing fear. Whilst a student’s water confidence matures, less floatation aid assistance is required. Instructors monitor student’s development and progress each lesson and make adjustment to floatation aids when necessary.

Secondly, our pool is a full depth pool maintaining your children’s safety is one of our greatest concerns. We know some children are little explorers and can venture away from the safety of the shallow step area, the use of floatation aids here provides parents some piece of mind that their child is safe throughout the entire time of the lesson.

If your child has come from a swim school that does not use floatation aids our instructors will assess the safety risk of leaving your child without floatation aids. If your child may be at risk within the water our instructors will equip them with an adequate level of flotation aid.

Unfortunately, our facilities do not offer a safe place for students to swim outside of lesson times. In addition to the above we are not a lifeguarded pool so are therefore unable to offer the availability of safe free swim.

Shelly Swimming has many staff members from many cultures. We are able to offer the following languages English, Mandarin, Russian, Filipino and Cantonese to assist students with their lessons. If any other language is required please ask our administration staff, as they may be able to assist you.

For children developing safety skills they can be a hindrance to staff and slow down the progression into the stroke development stage. Wearing goggles can avoid distraction and discomfort during the lessons and can enhance their concentration skills. If your child chooses to wear goggles it is required that you supply your own. Goggles are available for purchase from the administration counter.

We do require a Shelly Swimming cap to be worn for all students, this is part of a uniform, the cap and goggles will be included in the original enrolment fee package.

  • Correct swimwear should be worn during swimming lessons.
  • For boys: this is swimming trunks and/or a rash shirt.
  • For girls: a one piece swimsuit or two piece rash shirt and bottoms.

Please refrain from dressing your child in swimwear that has excess material such as a skirt or wings as this attire makes it hard for children to move through water. In addition to this over sized swimwear can also be a hazard. Please ensure all swimwear fits appropriately.

  • During a safety test students are required to wear the following:
  • Light tee shirt
  • Light shorts
  • Closed in shoes e.g. Crocs
  • Swimming cap

No goggles are allowed to be worn during this test

Service NSW, have introduced an Active kids voucher to pursue children to take part in sports. Attached is a link where you can read more information about it and check your eligibility criteria.


Once you have received the voucher, you can use this towards swimming lesson fees. Our office team will be able to process it, or alternatively you can process it yourself on our parent portal. Please note due to Service NSW policy, only one voucher can be used at a time.

We have a unique and customised online system, which allows us to have a clear line of communication with parents via email and SMS. We have also created a unique parent portal which gives parents the opportunity to cancel and book make up lessons without having to contact the office.

Yes, we do have a makeup policy. Each student is entitled to two make up classes per lesson per term. For e.g. if your child swims two lessons then they would receive four make up lessons in total. If your child is going to be absent if you let us know 24 hours before hand, we can organise a makeup lesson at a later stage for you. Make up lessons are managed by parents in the parent portal. We do not have any emergency make up lessons in the event of illness. If you have a complex situation then it is best to chat with our office staff who will be able to provide more information for you.

To enrol you can contact our office team. We have multiple different options available and can suit

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