*Please note that for Sydney Grammar Location, it is only students who attend Sydney Grammar/St Ives Prepatory School.
Baby Programme
Our baby programme is catered for the ages from 6 – 24 months. Teaching in a toasty warm pool. Focusing on water familiarisation, having the parent in the water with the baby learning physical and muscle movement through music. Teaching babies how to blow bubbles, breathing techniques, holding and gripping on to objects, kicking and paddling skills which prepares them for being confident and independent in the water. Baby programme is held in North Parramatta and St Edmunds. Duration: 30mins Max Students: 4-5 per class.
Infant/Preschool/Beginner Programmes – Safety Level
Our Infant/Beginner programme caters for students from 2 years and up. This programme outlines freestyle/backstroke kicking skills, floating, submersion and streamlined body position/doggy paddle. To aid with learning these skills we use noodles and floaties to boost student’s confidence and independency in the water. Providing the appropriate techniques along with correct muscle movement is critical in the early phases of learning. This provides foundational skills which are vital in the next stage. To progress to the next level, students will undergo a safety test. Infant/Preschool Programme is held in all locations. Duration: 30mins or 60mins Max Students: 4 – 5 per class.
Learn to Swim Programme/Strokes
Learn to swim programme accommodates children who passed our safety programme and are already independent in the water. Students learn the foundational technique of the four strokes. We start with Freestyle and Backstroke learning, then following with Breastroke and Butterfly. Each stroke has different criteria and components to pass the levels. Our unique Learn to Swim programme allows us to continually correct technique throughout the lessons, which cultivates the students to produce an exquisite swimming technique. Learn to Swim Programme is held in all locations. Duration: 30mins or 60mins Max Students: 4 – 5 per class.
Stroke Development/Squad Programme
Squad lesson and Stroke Development caters for students who have learnt four foundational skills of the competitive strokes. Caters for students who want to progress further into Improving technique and endurance over short and long distances. Mastering Starts and turns and the refined technique. Swimmers in this level are adapting to longer training sessions in the water. Our teachers are still water based occasionally to help with stroke correction. Squad Swimmers have the added bonus of water technology by wearing earphones in the water, to maintain the high level performance and this enables the coach to control the class proficiently. Duration: 1-2 hours Max Students: 5-10 per class Stroke Development/Squad Programme is held at Abbotsleigh Aquatic Centre.
Shelly Swimming Clinic
Shelly Swimming School invites High Level Coaches that have swum at Australian National Level to coach our swimmers through a clinic. The clinic is a specialised programme for the squad students at the point of competition, helping them with key points to technique racing skills, technical problems, key issues of technique. Shelly Swimming Clinic is held in Abbotsleigh Aquatic Centre Duration: 1 -2 hours Max Students: 10-20 per class
Shelly Swimming Club
Shelly Swimming Club is for our squad swimmers, who are attending carnivals and competitions and both state and national level. Training 3+ times a week minimum. Running off the same principles of the squad lessons e.g. refined technique, mastering starts and turns over the 4 competitive strokes. The club also gives the swimmers a sense of being part of a team, and interacting with others helps build the social side of the human nature. Club Nights are held at Abbotsleigh Aquatic Centre. Duration: 2 hours Max: 20 students per class
Adult Programme
Learning to swim at a later stage in life has many benefits. Besides the health factors e.g. weight loss and general fitness, swimming is known to build self-esteem and is a non stressful exercise as the body releases endorphins. Our foundational adult programme caters for complete beginners or swimmers looking to improve general fitness. Refined technique with long distance swimming which cultivates correction to make it more smooth and efficient. We teach Breastroke first followed by backstroke, freestyle and butterfly. Adult Lessons are currently held in North Parramatta Duration: 45 minutes Max: 6 students
Private Lessons Programme
Private Lessons caters for students who want to rapidly increase their individual skills. Students sometimes learn better without the distraction of others. It is intensive and good for people who have specific requirements and focus on more technique whilst providing quicker progress. Private lessons are suitable for any age programmes. Private Lessons are held in all locations.
Special Needs Programme
The programme is designed to support people who live with special needs, ranging from children through to adults. With less gravity in the pool allows for them to be able to move more freely, being able to float whilst also teaching them the basic principles of water safety and survival skills. Our North Parramatta location is a heated indoor pool which also services as a hydrotherapy pool for rehabilitation for all ages. Special Needs Programme is held in all locations.
Holiday Programme
The School Holiday lessons are a great opportunity for your children to boost their swimming confidence and provide a healthy structured activity for them during the school holidays. We offer a 5-day intensive Monday – Friday. program that caters for all abilities of swimmers suited for preschool and school aged children. This is an intensive way to progress your children’s skills. AM Classes North Parramatta PM Classes Abbotsleigh Duration: 1 Hour 4-5 students
Diving Programme
Diving Workshops are held during our Holiday Programme. Focusing on Diving Techniques our qualified instructors work with children of all abilities. Building the right foundational diving skills allows for our swimmers to have more of an idea of the correct technique that is used whilst diving and learning how to execute it. The programme is designed to teach from beginners to competition diving skills. Duration: 45 minutes Max Students: 10 per class
Dryland Programme
The dryland programme is an extra addition for our students. Giving them the opportunity to be able to learn from the comfort of their own home train, via strength training, core training, muscle movement, recovery, flexibility. Levels cater from beginners to competition levels. Generating more power in the water, whilst understanding the correct biomechanics associated with swimming. Duration: 45 minutes Max Students: 10 per class
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