Arthur the FISH
Arthur the FISHBahia Sadek & Arthur Sadek
Well miracles do happen because now after more than 4 years of constant training Arthur is the highest achiever in his swimming classes at school. He is a human fish that can dive 8 feet to collect objects on the pool floor.

The swimming has helped immensely especially after his operations.
As for me, who could not even stand in knee high water, because I thought I would drown, I can now proudly say I can swim more than 10 meters.

Sevim Boga
Sevim BogaSevim Boga, 10, North Parramatta
Shelly Swimming school has helped me with my fear of swimming and also turned my kids in to strong swimmers.
My instructor (Shelly) has taught me confidence and safety in the water and I could not be more grateful. She was so calm and patient with me. Swimming is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time and gives me more happiness that I can say. I think that Shelly is a perfect choice as a swim instructor for any age.
Thank you for all your help and support over the past few years.
WilliamWilliam, 19, Sydney, Australia
I started to learn to swim from Shelly Swimming School when I was little. I can’t say enough thanks for what my experience with the School has given me in my life. Over the years, Swimming has had a profound impact on my personal development, improving not only my sporting abilities but also the academic and social areas of my life. In particular, the challenging and competitive nature of the sport has given me the resolve and determination to overcome difficult situations. This was especially evident for me through my high school and university years, encouraging me to push myself to the limit in all aspects of my life.
Now being a Sydney University law student, I believe that swimming and its benefits will be of vital importance to me throughout my course and into my adulthood. Whilst I no longer swim competitively, the lessons learnt from Shelly Swimming School will not be forgotten.
Sahiela - 45 years old
Sahiela - 45 years old
My name is Sahiela I am 45 years old. All my life was dreaming one day I could swim. Now my dream has come true because of Shelly and her team. They taught me how to swim and I now feel great. Last week I went with my girlfriend to cairns and it was the first time I wasn’t scared of water and I had confidence. My girlfriend, she was so happy to see me swim. While I was swimming she took lots of photos.

I just want to tell everyone you can learn how to swim. Doesn’t matter how old you are. You are in good hands. Shelly and her team are the best.
Thanks again for teaching me how to swim. I never forget what you have done for me. This is my third term but still I keep going and want to learn more and more from Shelly. She is one of the best and I lucky was to find her.

Thanks again to Shelly and her team!!!