Learning to swim at a later stage in life can benefit you in many ways. Besides the health benefits such as weight loss and fitness, swimming can help build your self-esteem and lower depression as the body releases endorphins. The brain reduces your perception of pain triggering an overall positive feeling in the body. Adult learners that have children offer a form of support to their young as they model swimming to be safe, fun and free from fear.

Many people have asked why we teach breaststroke as the first stages of the Adult learn to swim process. Various swim organisations classify breaststroke as one of the survival strokes, due to breaststroke being a calmer style of swimming that can be sustained for longer periods of time. Considered to require less coordination breaststroke is the chosen stroke for many recreational swimmers. By developing a strong foundation through breaststroke, Adults are able to maintain breathing and other necessary beginner skills required in more technical strokes.

The adult Swim Program offered at Shelly Swimming School focuses on foundational skills that are an essential component needed for life long swimming success.