Our Schools History

Shelly Bi foundered Shelly Swimming School in 2007 based at North Parramatta, as a way to share with the community her uniquely designed swim program. Since then the school has grown to include a Wahroonga location established in 2011.

About our Founder

Shelly Bi became passionate about swimming as she undertook swim training from the early age of 7 years old. Shelly devoted countless hours to swimming as she made her way through school. Guiding her education to reflect her swimming interest she obtained a Bachelor of Physical Development, Health and Physical Education.

This qualification assisted Shelly to become a Swim Coach beginning at City and progressing through to a National level. In 1997 Shelly was awarded “The National Achievement of Excellence” for her esteemed efforts as a swim coach. In return for all her hard work Shelly was granted the opportunity from the local government to continue her education at one of the most elite sports coaching schools in Beijing, where she achieved a 1st degree top coach qualification.

Shelly chose to relocate to Australia 1999 where she undertook her MBA professional qualification in accounting. Whilst working Part time coaching in the Willoughby district. During this time she was busy designing The Shelly swimming school swim program, which consisted of the core concept of detailed foundation teaching with the assistance of circular learning. Shelly went on to develop Shelly Swimming School as a way to provide the communities within Australia access to her unique swimming program.